My consulting work on inclusive, strategic storytelling to diverse communities is informed by a twenty-year career in visual media and a PhD in Communication. I specialize in pairing an extensive understanding of race, gender, sexuality and other issues of social equity with expansive insight into visual communication using photography, video/film, design, social media and related text.   

By combining decades of experience in best practices of the mediated environment with equity advocacy work and my research + analysis skills, I steer your organization's effective public communication: helping you understand what you want to say, how best to convey it and who your audience is. 

I will help your organization have the right conversation with your audience through comprehensive assessments of your existing or planned equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives and the digital narratives represented by your publications, newsletters, social media, website and other digital/visual presences.

I also work with documentary and feature film productions as an EDI consultant from scripting to picture lock. 

Please contact me at or use this contact sheet to inquire about your specific project or needs. Looking forward to working with you!


JEDI Programming Assessment

Includes a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts to help your organization understand how to evolve and grow its public conversation and more clearly communicate with diverse audiences 

Strategic Storytelling Initiatives

Includes a review of digital engagement and the visual narrative you're producing around your brand, organization or editorial content to understand how to convey your organization's commitment to inclusive practices

Audience Research & Analysis

Includes various approaches geared toward your particular community such as audience surveying, public forums and targeted market research to inform how best to communicate with your diverse audiences using images and social media platforms


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